Accelerate Your Cash Flow to Fuel Your Growth

Flexible Business Finance offers financing solutions tailored to your growing business. We’re here to help you take control of your finances, achieve your goals, and secure your future.


Put Your Business in a Position of Strength

Startups operating on lean budgets. Mid-stage companies expanding rapidly. Established businesses in sudden need of capital.


No matter what stage you’re in, reliable cash flow is critical to your business’s overall health.


That’s where we come in.


Flexible Business Finance provides the funding you need to hit milestones and accomplish long-term objectives.  Our financial solutions include invoice factoring, asset based lending, and MRR lines of credit for B2B SaaS companies. 


No delay, no red tape, no surprises.  Just financial peace of mind.

Industries Served


Business Services

Wholesale and Distribution

Food and Agriculture

Professional Services

B2B SaaS

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A Practical Alternative to Traditional Financing

Ready access to working capital lets you continue operating at a high level while taking advantage of new opportunities. There are many options out there for this, but not all of them are ideal or even accessible for every company.  


For instance:​​

Equity investments surrender a degree of decision-making control and may become extremely expensive once the business achieves a high valuation.

Traditional bank financing typically has stringent lending requirements that make it hard to qualify if you’re a new business or have poor credit.  

SBA financing is paperwork-intensive, and it can take months to receive funding after being approved.

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This is why Flexible Business Finance offers:


Few other avenues are as fast and flexible when you have a pressing need.  We simply purchase your accounts receivable, advancing the funds immediately. 


Often times your cash is tied up in inventory, receivables, and equipment.  Asset based lending with Flexible Business Finance provides liquidity for your business. 


Obtain financing based on your recurring revenue, instead of your assets.  This product provides cash to fund sales growth or product development, without diluting equity. 

Flexible Business Finance provides a practical way to obtain the funds you need without sacrificing valuable time or revenue in the process. Our offerings are straightforward, transparent, and timely.

Working with Flexible Business Finance

What Your Receive:

  • Terms tailored to your business

  • Timely communication and funding

  • Greater certainty in forecasting cash flow 

  • Fewer administrative tasks on your plate

  • Confidence to invest in your business

What Your Avoid:

  • Mounds of paperwork 

  • Costly credit investigation

  • Burdensome convenats

  • Hidden fees

  • Long-term contract

Create New Opportunities for Your Business

Acquire new business

Dedicate new resources

Place larger orders

Create financial cushion

Upgrade equipment

Invest in R&D

Fund payroll

Improve operational efficiency

Satisfy tax obligations

Continue building credit


A Seamless Process From Qualification to Administration

If you need capital to boost your cash flow today, you can’t afford to stand by for lengthy reviews from traditional lending institutions that may or may not result in a loan months from now.  
We specialize in timely solutions that keep your finances on track.  Our underwriting process is fast and easy, and the funding is transparent and efficient.

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Why partner with Flexible Business Finance?

We’re not just a lender - we’re a partner who’s invested in your success.  


We recognize that our offerings often serve as a bridge to traditional bank financing. We’re happy to be that bridge for you and will do whatever we can to accelerate the process.


Whatever your goal and however long you’re with us, your experience with Flexible Business Finance will be best in class.


Our Promise To You


We operate with full transparency in every capacity at every stage



We create solutions that fit your business, not someone else’s



We keep things uncomplicated without cutting corners



We treat you and your customers with the respect you deserve



We take great pride in being dependable and accessible to all clients

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